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The Airports

Upon arrival at any of the major airports you have a number of travel options available; you can rent a car, take a train, take a bus or hire a private taxi to bring you directly to Hakuba. From any airport you will of course also be able change your money, rent a mobile phone, or even mail/courier (Takyubin) your ski equipment to Hakuba Powder Lodging if you plan to conduct business or do some sightseeing before you visit us. By far the most common way of getting to or from any of the airports is on the shuttle buses or local trains.

From Narita Airport (Tokyo)
Upon arrival take the Narita Express to either Tokyo or Shinjuku Station. It takes about 1 hour to get into downtown Tokyo and the trains run frequently. From Tokyo or Shinjuku Station nearly unlimited train travel throughout Tokyo and Japan is very easy. There are a nearly unlimited number of buses that will take you from Narita to nearly every corner of Tokyo as well as many of the prefectures around Tokyo. Your best bet is to find out what bus is best for taking you to your destination at the airport information desk.

From Centrair (Nagoya)
You can use Nagoya Railroad to get from Centrair to Nagoya in about 30 minutes. From Nagoya Station you can connect to the Shinkansen, or a number of JR Lines, and Subway that will get you around the city or throughout Japan. There is a shuttle bus that will take about an hour to get you into downtown Nagoya or a number of buses that will directly take you to either Nagano or Matsumoto (both very close to Hakuba).

From Kansai (Osaka)
From Kansai take JR West Kansai Airport line. This will take you to Osaka and Kyoto Stations where you can transfer to trains taking you to all other parts of Japan. The bus service from Kansai is fast, cheap and will take you to downtown Osaka and as far as Kyoto and Nara.

Private Taxi
There is also the option of taking a taxi directly from your airport to Hakuba. Reservations must be made in advance and the price is a little more than taking the train. Please note that this service must be booked about a week in advance. If you feel that you cannot book the taxi on your own please ask us for help. The direct taxi service number is Chuo Taxi 81-262-82-0232

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